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Depot Safety is the No. 1 Occupational Health and Safety Service Company in Indonesia

Servvo DEPOT SAFETY Terlengkap

SERVVO | Alat Pemadam Api SERVVO FIRE EXTINGUISHER is supported by skillful, trustworthy and having international experiences. Now, we are available to be the answer of fire risks. SERVVO FIRE EXTINGUISHER is produced based on European Standard (EN3), using certified extinguishant media (UL, LPC, etc.). Moreover, we have been passed ISO 9001:2000 from TUV Nora, Germany. SERVVO FIRE EXTINGUISHER feature and benefit: 1. Using SEAMLESS CYLINDER --» reducing corrosive risks. 2. Complete with SAFETY VALUE --» increasing security from explosive risk of the cylinder. 3. Only using trustworthy media such as: Dry Chemical Powder "PYROCHEM", NAV P IV (the new generation of HALON 1211 replacement), AFFF. SERVVO FIRE EXTINGUISHER provides complate range of product, from portable to trolley unit, as well as thermatic and various media ie. Dry Chemical Powder, NAF IV, CO2, Foam, etc.. Application: telecommunication industries, building offices, hotel, airport, mining, gas station, residential, etc..
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