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Akron Brass | Fire Nozzle & Monitor DEPOT SAFETY Terlengkap

AKRON BRASS | Fire Nozzle | Fire Monitor | Valve | Hose Reels Akron Brass Fire Fighting Equipment Fire Nozzles, Fire Fighting Valves and More As a global manufacturer of fire fighting equipment and more, Akron Brass designs and manufactures products that meet the demands of the industry and help you perform your job safely and efficiently. Whether you need fire nozzles, fire fighting valves, monitors or the latest technology in vehicle electronics, Akron Brass has a large selection to meet your unique application. NOZZLES Akron Brass has been designing and manufacturing nozzles since the early 1900’s offering a variety of specialized fire nozzles to support structural fires, wildland, forestry, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF), de-icing, CAFS, marine, industrial applications and more. Browse the masterstream and handline fire hose nozzle selection below to find the fire nozzle types that meet the requirements of your application. TYPE FIRE NOZZLE 1. What's New at Akron Brass 2. Industrial Hose Nozzle Brands : AkroFoam, Aquastream, Turbojet, Rampage 3. Master Stream Nozzles Master Stream Nozzle Brands Akrofoam™ , Akromatic®, Aquastream™, Black Widow®, Excel1000™, Firefox™, Mercury™, Rampage™, SaberMaster™, Turbomaster™ 4. Speciality 5. Selectable Gallonage Adjustable Gallonage Nozzles 6. Fixed Orifice 7. Foam Nozzles For foam firefighting applications More Foam Nozzles : Quick Attack , AkroFoam 8. Forestry Nozzles 9. Smooth Bore 10. Combination Fog/Smooth Bore FIRE MONITORS Akron Brass firefighting monitors (water cannons) are designed and tested to provide the finest water flow appliances integrating the latest technology.
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