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Kacamata Safety UVEX | Safety Glass UVEX DEPOT SAFETY Terlengkap

Eye and Face Protection About Uvex® We realize that keeping people safe begins with a commitment to exceeding safety standards and embracing change to create a culture of safety. Delivering safety glasses and products that can be worn with confidence is one of the ways we are working to build a culture of safety in the workplace. From best- in-class lens coatings that perform under the harshest conditions to task-specific lens tints that optimize visual acuity, to ballistic impact resistance to a lifetime frame guarantee that backs up our promise, we’re about inspiring safety in the minds of workers everywhere. U v e x ® b r a n d s a f e t y e y e w e a r i s o f f e r e d f o r s a l e b y H o n e y w e l l S a f e t y P r o d u c t s e x c l u s i v e l y i n t h e A m e r i c a s. INSPIRING SAFETY™ When you choose to adopt safe practices on your own, an interesting thing happens; they begin to spread throughout the culture of your organization. Keeping people safe means understanding each other on a human level, to drive the kind of cultural changes that make you want to be safe. We can provide you with the industry-leading products that will inspire your own culture of safety. Uvex ® Technologies Since our earliest days, we have focused our research and development efforts on creating innovations in safety eyewear that directly benefit the workers who wear them. By constantly searching for ways to improve the protective capabilities, comfort, fit, durability, and look of our products, Uvex has become the acknowledged leader in safety eyewear innovation. We have secured dozens of industry patents for the many technological firsts that we have introduced to the marketplace, as well as something far more important: the accolades and gratitude of millions of workers who rely on our safety eyewear all day, every day. Uvex® Lens Coatings Whether the problem is lenses that fog or lenses that scratch, Uvex lens coatings offer a solution for almost any working environment Uvextreme® anti-fog coating offers superior performance under the most extreme conditions and will not wear off after repeated cleanings. Uvextreme® Plus offers the same anti-fog performance as Uvextreme, but with extended wear. It is permanently bonded to the lens, which helps it retain its anti-fog, anti-static and UV protection properties. Ultra-dura® anti-scratch hard coat is one of the toughest anti-scratch coatings in the world: permanently bonded to the lens, it offers unparalleled scratch and chemical resistance. Supra-Dura® advanced anti-scratch coating is perfect for high-particulate environments where lens scratching is a severe problem. This coating lasts 5X* longer than any other anti-scratch coating on the market. Dura-streme® dual coating technology combines the benefits of the Uvex industry leading anti-fog and hard coats onto one lens. While the advanced anti-fog properties of Uvextreme help keep the interior of the lens clear from fogging, the rugged properties of Ultra-dura hard coat protect the exterior of the lens from scuffs and scratches, adding up to 3X* longer lens life. Spectrum Control Technology® (SCT) All Uvex styles are available with an assortment of standard lens tints — both clear and sunglass shades — and many are offered with specialized lens tints designed for task-specific lighting situations. These Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) lens tints incorporate unique dyes in the polycarbonate lens material that absorb select wavelengths of light to enhance vision. The charts on pages 46 and 47 are designed to help you determine which lens tint best addresses the challenges in your workplace. All Uvex lenses offer 99.9% ultra-violet protection. Certifications and Standards Our commitment to rigorous testing and extensive research and development ensures that every product meets or exceeds industry safety standards and certifications. ANSI Accreditation The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 65 for product certification programs to ensure that the marketplace can gain confidence for their activities. All Uvex eyewear products comply with the ANSI standard. CSA Certification Many of our safety eyewear products are also certified to the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). CSA certification is indicated in the description of each applicable product. Ballistic Impact Protection For even greater security and protection from the unexpected, the core line of Uvex safety eyewear has undergone and passed Military V0 (V-sub zero) ballistic impact testing. This means each of these eyewear styles can withstand impact energies 7X greater than the impact tests required by ANSI and CSA. (Does not apply to specialty tints and welding shades.) Uvex Lifetime Frame Guarantee Uvex guarantees lifetime replacement for any qualifying eyewear model if something should happen to the frame during the course of normal use, regardless of age. Look for the Uvex Lifetime Frame Guarantee symbol to indicate qualifying eyewear. Uvex® Lens Replacement System Many of our eyewear products also come with an easy and economical lens replacement system, allowing wearers to reduce their annual safety eyewear expenditures while reaping the benefits of high quality eyewear. Replacement-lens compatible eyewear is identified with a Lens Replacement System symbol. Prescription Compatible Frames The Prescription Compatible Frames symbol indicates that the eyewear frame can be fitted with prescription lenses. Made in USA The Made in USA symbol indicates a product that has been manufactured in the United States.
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