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Depot Safety is the No. 1 Occupational Health and Safety Service Company in Indonesia

Bonpet Systems d.o.o DEPOT SAFETY Terlengkap

Bonpet Systems d.o.o Manufacturer: Bonpet Systems d.o.o., Exclusive representation: Martini és Társa Kft., Quotation from the specialized periodical called „Védelem” (Protection): „Katasztrófa- és tűzvédelmi szemle” (Disaster and Fire Protection Review) (2/1996) NEW EXTINGUISHING DEVICE FROM JAPAN „The traditional way of thinking is always helpless when it comes to the definition of surprisingly innovative solutions. This is also true for our encounter with the liquid closed up in a small roll-shaped container made of special glass, as it is neither an extinguishing device nor an automatic extinguishing system and yet a little bit both. The aim of Mr. Niizuma, the Japanese inventor was to improve a device which extinguishes fire automatically due to the presence of heat in its environment, but it is also effective when it is applied in traditional way. He did not fail to meet his aim. Its complete success was seen by those who participated in the shows. In addition, our confidence is also inspired by the fact that the device is widely popular in Japan and besides its use is obligatory on shipboard.” The BONPET is an environment-friendly automatic fire extinguisher based on liquid. The BONPET automatic fire extinguisher with its excellent extinguishing ability and perfect effectiveness and compact execution opens a new area in fire extinguishing. Using it is dangerous neither for humans nor other living organism nor – even valuable - equipments and instruments close to it. It can work even in extreme weather conditions (-23 + 80) and operates reliably. The chemical liquid (by the certificate of the manufacturer) is effective without maintenance and control for 10 years. The automatic function lets the ampoule activate in initial time of the fire source. Activates without human intervention. It is a secure and effective fire extinguishing manner even if there is no anybody in the premises. It does not need electricity for its working. Because of its simple technology it has much lower cost of installation than the other fire extinguisher systems based on water or gas. The BONPET products have been authorized in more than 40 countries. They were tested by VINIPO (official laboratories of European group of Medelm for tests of fire protection). The BONPET is a unique product, which is appreciated and offered also by the Japanese Ministry of Transport itself. The BONPET products have the qualification of ISO-9001. The BONPET products have been tested also by the Delectric Constant Test9., article of ANNEX C. EN 3. T. + A1-2007. It means, that all BONPET products can be used for extinguishing of electrical fires until 60 000 V.
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