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Baju Tahan Api | Baju Tahan Panas | Baju Pemadam Kebakaran | Fire Suit | Fireman Outfit | Fire Fighting Suit | Insulation Fire Service DS-BJ.0009

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Heat-insulation suit for fire-fighting DS-BJ.0009 The DS-BJ.0009 heat insulation suit for fighting is made with a flame-resisting Fabric coated and an aluminum plated film compound material and no asbestos .It consists of jacket, gloves, hood and foot cover and posses light , high strength, flame-resisting heat-insulation, heat radiating-proof, wear-proof, fold-proof, as well as harmless for human-body, it can effective protect the fire-fighter and the operator who working at high temperature place from flame and high temperature and meets the regulation of the standard for the performance place from test method of heat insulation suit for fire-fighting, the suit for shipping is authorized by china classification society of shipping Brand Kode : DS-BJ.00099